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WIP Wednesday…

I have a submission for WIP Wednesday’s today hosted over at Tami’s Amis it is the work I have done on my CAL sweater. I am really liking this color. I was a bit nervous about the brightness at first, but it is a summer sweater after all. So, without further ado, here is my progress for the week:

I can’t wait to get this sweater finished, I love the look of the pattern!

While driving to work this morning, I saw the most beautiful scene in the sky. The light was just pouring through and I had to take a picture to share:

I hope to get some more hooking done tonight, but have yet to decide if I am going to work on my sweater some more, or pick up one of my smaller projects like the mittens for Pine Ridge or the doll I have been working on. How about you readers decide for me. Post in the comments what I should work on and I will work on whatever project gets the most votes with before and after pictures to show my progress.

Have a happy, hectic, handmade day!

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Ah, finally, a finish…

I have startitis.  This is the addiction to starting new projects.  I currently have 8 WIPs right now.  In my mind, the 2 ongoing for charity don’t count, but lets all be real about it, they are still there, needing to be worked on.  I have made it one of my personal goals to finish my WIPs before starting any new projects.  This is so hard for me, because I get as big a rush starting a new project as finishing one.  And, as we all know, its so much quicker to start something new than to finish something. 

So, now I am chugging away on all these projects and am happy to post my first finish since starting the WIP Wrangling.  My lovely tote that I posted about before is now done.  I am so in love with how the colors turned out in this thing.  Oh, and pockets, I love pockets and this thing has a ton of them!  I definitely plan to take another picture of it again once I fill it up with another of my WIPs, but here it is on my counter this morning:


Don't you think this feels like summer!

Don’t you think this feels like summer!

Over the weekend, my girls got to have a great trip to the beach with their Uncle and his girlfriend. Here’s a pic, just to show them off

I can't believe how big they are getting!

I can’t believe how big they are getting!

And on an unrelated note to my blog, some shameless promotion for my sister-in-law. She published her first book Lifeless today. It is definitely for mature audiences only, but if you like a steamy romance, check it out! It is super hot!!!

I will be working on my CAL sweater for most of this week, so I will update you all on my hooky progress!

Have a happy, hectic, handmade day!