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Weekend Wrap Up and Exciting News!

This weekend was the first I have had Saturday and Sunday off without being sick in quite a while, which made for an extremely busy weekend.  I have been needing to de-clutter the girls toys since Christmas and their birthdays.  They got so many things and some of them had such tiny pieces that my three year old still likes to put in her mouth.  I put a bunch of things up in the closet to bring out in a couple of months to change things up and our toy bins are nicely organized now and no longer overflowing.  An added bonus to this is that the girls are actually playing with their toys.  I think when they have too many its overwhelming and they just don’t play with it, but now that they can find things easily they have been having great fun playing with things.

I also organized the area beside my chair where I keep all of my WIPs.  It was a disaster!  Now everything has its place there and will be easy to find and pick up when I’m ready to craft.

My newly organized craft space.  My cross stitch and small WIPs live in the basket with all my hooks, needles and notions and my larger WIPs each have their own clear project bag.

My newly organized craft space. My cross stitch and small WIPs live in the basket with all my hooks, needles and notions and my larger WIPs each have their own clear project bag.

Last week I had somewhat of an epiphany as I was slogging along on the sweater I was knitting for myself.  While I do enjoy knitting socks and softies, I don’t really enjoy knitting larger items.  I miss my crochet!  This realization almost instantly brought my crafting mojo back.  It was like a weight was lifted when I realized I had no desire to finish the sweater I was working on, so I really shouldn’t.  I pulled out some old things, like my Northern Lights Afghan and my Rippling Vest and have decided that I will get them going again.  The Rippling Vest was turning out too small, way back when (the swatches, they lie!) so I will have to restart it, but that is fine, I am ready to make that leap and get working on a beautiful vest!

My Northern Lights Afghan

My Northern Lights Afghan

The Rippling Vest as it is now.  I will have to restart and consider the current WIP one big gauge swatch!

The Rippling Vest as it is now. I will have to restart and consider the current WIP one big gauge swatch!

I also pulled my cross stitch back out.  It has been a while since I have worked on any and I miss that as well.  I am working on my Flowers and still have both girls birth records to finish (they are four and three!)

What I have so far on the huge flower cross stitch I am working on.

What I have so far on the huge flower cross stitch I am working on.

I have also been reading again with renewed vigor.  I discovered John Saul and have read a couple of his creepy ghost stories.  I am really enjoying them!  Can’t wait to see what happens next with every page I read!

And, last but not least, I promised some exciting news.  The happy, hectic, home is about to get a wee bit more hectic.  We will have a new addition in July!  I found out when I was so sick that I am expecting!  My husband and I and the girls are all so excited to welcome our newest addition and I will keep everyone updated on all the fun, crafty things I make for baby!

Thank you all for following me along on this crazy journey.  Have a happy, hectic, handmade day!

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Weekend Winding Up

Whew! This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one in the happy, hectic, handmade home! As you all know I’ve been really sick, which, despite the best efforts of my dear hubby, means my home has become not only hectic, but a disaster area. Now, normally, this wouldn’t be much cause for concern, I am pretty laid back about this and figure it will get done when it gets done. Only, this weekend, littlest DD is having her 3rd birthday party. My house needs to go from Do Not Enter, Hard Hat Only area to ready to entertain in less than 24 hours! This is going to be a major undertaking! I am working then finishing up the last of the errands for the birthday party. I have been on a kick to make the cakes, and made my older DD’s cake in December, but with how sick I have been I was worried about committing to the cake for Sunday, so we are having store bought. Have to pick that up and all the munchies before going home to tear through the mess to make some semblance of a neat house.

If there is any time left in the weekend, there are some crafty projects I am itching to work on! My toddler socks are slow going, as all socks are for me, but since the 4 year old is trying to take my socks, I figure I need to get on them. But, man, oh man, is it just me or does 4 inches of 2×2 ribbing really start to seem like 12 inches as it goes along…

I also have this cutie, who is in dire need of a dress. She has been waiting for quite some time…

I am unsure how much time that may actually leave me, but I’ve also just downloaded a new game, Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel and can’t wait to get into it. That is my all time favorite game series and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I am also almost finished with A Fatal Waltz by Tasha Alexander and wouldn’t mind getting in a bit of reading time somewhere in there. Why can’t my days be 48 hours long???

Hope you all have a happy, hectic, handmade weekend!

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Pattern Testing

I love pattern testing.  I confess that my main reason for testing is because I get a free pattern from a loved designer out of the deal.  I am currently working on a test for a cute tank top from Addydae Designs and wanted to share a sneak peak with you all:

I can’t wait to share the finished project, it is turning out so adorable!!!

June first was the start of another Nerd Wars (which has been renamed the Geek Noosphere) and the Tour de Sock, so I should have plenty of yarny goodies to start sharing in the next couple of weeks!

I have also been reading an awesome series of books, the Rock Canyon Series by Codi Gary. This series is so great! The romances are sweet, with just enough fire and conflict. The women are totally relatable and the men are swoon worthy! Her love scenes are hot without being over the top raunchy. Just the kind of series to curl up and fall in love with! Can’t wait until the next one comes out.

I will be popping back in with more updates on my crafting projects and an update on my Summer of Healthy eating soon! Until then, have a happy, hectic, handmade day!



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