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Weekend Winding Up

Whew! This weekend is shaping up to be a busy one in the happy, hectic, handmade home! As you all know I’ve been really sick, which, despite the best efforts of my dear hubby, means my home has become not only hectic, but a disaster area. Now, normally, this wouldn’t be much cause for concern, I am pretty laid back about this and figure it will get done when it gets done. Only, this weekend, littlest DD is having her 3rd birthday party. My house needs to go from Do Not Enter, Hard Hat Only area to ready to entertain in less than 24 hours! This is going to be a major undertaking! I am working then finishing up the last of the errands for the birthday party. I have been on a kick to make the cakes, and made my older DD’s cake in December, but with how sick I have been I was worried about committing to the cake for Sunday, so we are having store bought. Have to pick that up and all the munchies before going home to tear through the mess to make some semblance of a neat house.

If there is any time left in the weekend, there are some crafty projects I am itching to work on! My toddler socks are slow going, as all socks are for me, but since the 4 year old is trying to take my socks, I figure I need to get on them. But, man, oh man, is it just me or does 4 inches of 2×2 ribbing really start to seem like 12 inches as it goes along…

I also have this cutie, who is in dire need of a dress. She has been waiting for quite some time…

I am unsure how much time that may actually leave me, but I’ve also just downloaded a new game, Dark Parables: Ballad of Rapunzel and can’t wait to get into it. That is my all time favorite game series and I can’t wait to see what comes next. I am also almost finished with A Fatal Waltz by Tasha Alexander and wouldn’t mind getting in a bit of reading time somewhere in there. Why can’t my days be 48 hours long???

Hope you all have a happy, hectic, handmade weekend!

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Monday Mash-Up

Once again, its Monday, and another weekend was spent able to do nothing due to the never ending sickness.  I have so many things I want/need to get done, and its all just lingering around in the background while I lay on the recliner and try my best to keep up with a 3 and 4 year old.  I can’t walk 10 feet without being winded, so as of right now, I literally can not do anything.  Putting away one basket of laundry this weekend was the most monumental task ever!

I have barely knit, because I just feel to bad to even bother with it, at the moment.  I did a couple of rounds on my Toddler Socks over the weekend, but that was all in the crafting department for me.  I need to get my mojo back, but I think that is not going to happen until I start feeling like a human being again.

I really need to go through the little girls’ toys.  We have had one birthday, plus Christmas and another party this weekend and I have got to get the influx of toys under control.  There are so many things that need to head out for donation its not even funny!  As of right now, since they have figured out mommy’s lack of being able to do much, the toys are getting taken out every day, and I think maybe just thrown randomly around the room to create the biggest mess possible, while still only playing with a few favorite things.

I also need to get my stash organized.  I have a plan for a nice 2015 picture of yarn for projects that I just need to get the energy up to get it all together and take.  Hopefully by this weekend, more improvement will be made health wise and I will be able to get some of these things done!

Until then, have a happy, hectic, handmade day!

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A New Year and new goals…

Hello out there to whoever may still be checking out this blog.  I know that it has been severely lacking and that is a problem.  As many of you know, blogging is hard!  Carving out the time, thinking of things to talk about, all a lot of work!  One of my commitments to myself in 2015 is to blog at least twice a week.  I want to grow this little slice of happy, hectic, life and make it shine.  I hope you all will be along for the ride!

I planned to be on here bright and early New Year’s Day to post this, but, as it sometimes likes to do, life does not go along with all of our grand plans!  I have been so sick, starting with a bout of flu (which thanks to my stubbornness, I had no choice but to ride out) before Christmas.  Just as I thought I was recovering from that the week of New Year’s, BAM!, I’m struck down again.  This time its been a viral respiratory infection caused by the flu.  All that I can do at this point is wait the two weeks (!!!) that they are telling me it takes to recover.  It has put a serious damper on things at the happy, hectic home.  After me being down for two weeks, I can tell you it certainly looks like a hectic home at the moment!  I am really hoping that come this weekend I can try to get some organization going.

I have a lot of crafty plans for 2015.  My knitting and crochet got away from me and seemed to take center stage over all the other things I love to create, so 2015 is the year for branching back out and working on more than just knitting and crocheting.  While I will have plenty of projects to come in those, I also plan to get back into my cross stitching, wood painting, and also get going with my new Rainbow Loom!  There are so many fun things I want to create this year!   I have been on Pinterest, updating and deleting, getting in gear, since I feel that can be a great tool for ideas, as well as organization and showing off a bit of finished work.  If you are interested in seeing what I have in the works at the moment, take a look at my WIP Board on Pinterest.  There will soon be an upcoming projects board and a nice new show off board for all my 2015 finished objects.

I will also be trying out plenty of new recipes from Pinterest in 2015 and posting my reviews on them.  That along with my big plan of decluttering my house (how long have I been talking about that now???) and reading 52 books, it is already shaping up to be a happy, hectic, handmade year!

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