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Fall has finally arrived!

With the cooler weather finally rolling in to my neck of the woods down here in the sweltering south, it definitely puts me in the mood for crafting.  I do most of my scratch cooking, baking, and crafting in the fall and spring.  There is something about a nice, tidy house, with the windows open to let in the breeze that inspires me to do all the homey things that I scrimp on in the busy summer months.

My dear, sweet husband cleaned our house top to bottom while I was at work Saturday.  I bought some delicious smelling Glade Plug Ins, candles and spray and I got home and I was ready to get crafty!  I finished the second one of my girls sweaters over the weekend.  The pattern I chose for them was the Sunday Sweater by Ginny Sheller.  This pattern was a dream!  I really enjoyed it and finishing up on the second sweater was a great way for me to mark my one-year knitting anniversary!  They have been in the works since July, but this morning, when my girls got to wear them to preschool for the first time and I saw how proud they were of them, it made every stitch worth it!  Without further ado, here are my two cuties in their sweaters!

Sweater 1Sweater 2

Now, you would think this would leave a bit of an emptiness on my needles, but not me, not the lady who can’t go without many projects to work on at all times!  I have a pair of socks for me on the needles constantly.  When a favorite yarn was being discontinued, I stocked up, so my needles need to keep clicking to use it all up!  My go to pattern is the Vanilla Latte Socks by Virginia Rose-Jeanes.  They have just enough pattern to keep them from being boring.  The ones I’m working on now are so bright and pretty!


Now, on to some other fun projects!  My girls are now getting to the age where they have started asking for fashion dolls and love all things Disney princess.  They will be getting some of both for their birthdays and Christmas, and mommy’s love of crafting is going to make it even more fun!  On top of my ongoing play food project, I am now making them fashion doll cases that include a fold out room for play and castles for their little princesses!  Making toys is so enjoyable, just thinking of the fun that will be had with every minute I put into it.  I have picked up some materials for the Fashion Doll cases and got started on it yesterday!  Can wait to start sharing pictures as I finish parts of it!

I can’t believe how fast the holiday season is approaching!  I have been shopping since the summer so I am happy to say I am almost finished.  It is a good feeling to not be worrying about what I’m going to get and being able to spread out the purchases on my family’s budget!  What are you doing to prepare for the holidays?  Share your tips and tricks in the comments!

Thank you all for stopping by to see what has been going on in my happy, hectic, handmade home!

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