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Priorities shifted…

The summer is coming to a close.  As fall rolls around at my house, it is always a time for me to reflect on the things in my life I am happy with and the things that I need to improve on.  The whirlwind of the summer and its busy schedule always leaves me feeling a bit frazzled, and I welcome the calmer days.  

As I have been reflecting, I have decided on a number of things.  

First off, since I was a child, I have been a writer.  My first time being published was in a national publication for students in 6th grade and I continued to write and publish short works for my middle and high school publications.  It has been my dream to share my stories, and the only one who has been holding me back from that in my adult life is myself.  All of the excuses I have made have gotten me no closer to realizing my dream.  My head is constantly filled with wonderful stories, so I have finally decided to put the words down and see where it goes.  I tried first to write something that I didn’t love.  I had an idea, but quickly fell out of love with it and my characters.  I slogged through, for the sake of finishing, submitted it and it was sent back, with an offer to resubmit if I make changes.  While working on this first story, another story, one that I have had floating around in my head for years began to take shape and come to life.  As soon as I finished the first, I began to work on it,  The worlds have flowed out of me onto my screen at a crazy rate.  This story is one I have been infatuated with, but in putting it on paper, I have fallen in love.  After years of putting it off, I am almost finished with the first manuscript that means something to me.  This excites me to no end and even if no one ever reads it but my friends, well, I have done it, I have taken the first step toward living my dream.

My second realization, I have got to get serious about losing my baby weight.  I mean, my youngest daughter will be 3 in January and I’m no closer to losing the weight than I was the day she was born.  I have given half-hearted attempts in the past, but never until now, when I am committed to doing it for myself, have I ever been able to stick with anything.  Lets face it, I love food and I hate exercise.  That is a bad combination for losing weight.  A friend introduced me to C25K and after 3 weeks of walking/running (still mostly walking so far), I have found that I am a runner.  I have asthma, and have had it my entire life, so I never thought I might be a runner.  If only I could have discovered this sooner.  There is nothing like the high I get after pushing myself farther and farther every day.  This lifestyle change, despite the fact that it causes me to have to crawl out of my bed impossibly early to get it in before the rest of the house is awake, has brought something to my life that I was lacking.  It has given me confidence in myself that I can lose the weight and I can live a healthy life.

Now, you may be wondering, with all of these new things in my life, where are the crafts???  I am still crafting, I assure you!  The tournament known as Nerd Wars then the Geek Noosphere has officially come to a close.  I will be forever grateful to this game because it has brought me to the people who I now consider to be my best friends.  We started out as a crafting group, but now are so much more, supporting each other in every aspects of our lives.  These are the people that encourage me to write, to exercise.  They push me and they catch me when I fall and I don’t even know anymore what I would do without them.  We have merged with some other teams to form a new team for a new crafty game called Nerdopolis, so soon, I will be crafting all the things once again!  For now, I am working diligently to finish my youngest daughter’s winter sweater so I can start on my older daughter’s.  They will need those by the end of next month and I want them to be ready.  After that, be ready for some more fun projects!  I have some more toys for the girls and some great items for myself all queued up and ready to go!  I can’t wait to get started on them!

So, for all of you who have followed me, even when I have not been posting, I say thank you, and please, come along with me on this new crazy journey I’m on.  Things are about to get even more crazy in the happy, hectic, handmade, home!

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