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Ah, finally, a finish…

on July 1, 2013

I have startitis.  This is the addiction to starting new projects.  I currently have 8 WIPs right now.  In my mind, the 2 ongoing for charity don’t count, but lets all be real about it, they are still there, needing to be worked on.  I have made it one of my personal goals to finish my WIPs before starting any new projects.  This is so hard for me, because I get as big a rush starting a new project as finishing one.  And, as we all know, its so much quicker to start something new than to finish something. 

So, now I am chugging away on all these projects and am happy to post my first finish since starting the WIP Wrangling.  My lovely tote that I posted about before is now done.  I am so in love with how the colors turned out in this thing.  Oh, and pockets, I love pockets and this thing has a ton of them!  I definitely plan to take another picture of it again once I fill it up with another of my WIPs, but here it is on my counter this morning:


Don't you think this feels like summer!

Don’t you think this feels like summer!

Over the weekend, my girls got to have a great trip to the beach with their Uncle and his girlfriend. Here’s a pic, just to show them off

I can't believe how big they are getting!

I can’t believe how big they are getting!

And on an unrelated note to my blog, some shameless promotion for my sister-in-law. She published her first book Lifeless today. It is definitely for mature audiences only, but if you like a steamy romance, check it out! It is super hot!!!

I will be working on my CAL sweater for most of this week, so I will update you all on my hooky progress!

Have a happy, hectic, handmade day!


3 responses to “Ah, finally, a finish…

  1. Oh so many projects. I panic if I get down to 1 or 2 and again when I have too many. Just what is the right amount to have on the go to provide enough choice and no pressure? If you ever work it out please let me know. Love the project bag.

    • I wish I knew. I keep thinking that I would like to get it down to one big project at a time, with a couple of smaller projects thrown in for some variety, but its kind of like the Tootsie Pop commercial, the world may never know!

  2. Ruth says:

    Great looking Tote and I always reckon if you don’t start you can’t have a finish lol.

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