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YOP Week 4


I actually had two finishes this week! Count them, one, two! So excited! I just love the rush of a finish!

My first finish was a gift. A pair of fingerless Iron Man mitts. I tell you what, based on the reaction I got, the recipient loved them! I can’t even explain the feeling when someone reacts that way to something you have made. It makes the time and effort all worth it!

My other finish was a skirt for my 2 year old. It turned out adorable! I love it and can’t wait to see her in it. I have to make another one for my 1 year old before that can happen though. Can’t give one a gift without the other, you know! Don’t worry, you will get some action shots of the skirts on the models as soon as number 2 is finished.

I have made some changes yet again to my list. There were a couple of things on there that I have taken off and also added a couple of things for the girls and a Christmas gift I have started on. Yes, you read that right, starting on gifts for Christmas already. I hate to feel rushed and be completing a project at the last minute so I am getting a BIG head start on this one!

I hope that everyone had a fun weekend full of family and crafting!

Have a happy, hectic, handmade day!


YOP Week 3


Ahhhhh, I am so far behind this week! How does time get away from me so quickly! I did not get to work off of my “official” YOP list last week. I had a birthday party come up for the weekend and needed to make a gift for some 5 year old twins. So, I looked through my favorites on Ravelry and found a cute little playset that seemed like the perfect gift for 5 year old girls. Here are my finished Wee Dolly playsets:

I am so in love with these little babies. They have everything a little mommy needs: beds, blankies, hats, and little bottles. I think I will be making more of these in the future.

I added a new category to my YOP list just for these projects that pop up unexpectedly, simply so I will be able to cross them off and see where I am at for the year.

There is also a Ruffled Skirt pattern that has newly been added to my list. I am a habitual pattern printer. I’m not sure why, but when I see something I want to make “someday” I have to print it out to put it in my pattern binder. Well, my 2 year old saw this pattern sitting on the table and pointed at the picture and so sweetly asked if I was making that for her, I just had to make it. Of course, having two baby girls means double of everything, so My next couple of weeks will be spent making these adorable skirts! I was a good girl though. They are being made with stash yarn! So, I am still on track with my destashing for the year! Can’t wait to show off the finished skirts soon!

Have a happy, hectic, handmade day!


Books I’m loving…

Here in this happy, hectic home, I do still find the time for my first passion (discovered in elementary school) of reading.  Now, I saw a post elsewhere today asking how people got interested in their favorite genre of story.  Now at most times, my favorite genre is Urban Fantasy, with some slight veering off toward a good mystery every now and then.  As a child, I remember my discovery.  It was the Fear Street books.  Man, I think I had the entire collection of those gems by R.L. Stine, which led me into my love of Christopher Pike.  Those two men, have directly contributed to my love of all things horror, which, has led me to the current love of Urban Fantasy. 


I have just finished a book that is a first in a series called First Grave on the Right.  This little gem is the intro to a series and is only 2.99.  If you like Urban Fantasy, pick it up!  Its a bit of a different take on the genre and that was refreshing.  The heroine is a trip!  She is a grim reaper and doesn’t really have any super powers, other than being the light.  Yes, that light, the one you see when you die.  Her love life leads a bit to be desired to, but I will leave that gem for you to discover on your own!

I will be reading my new current obsession, Soulless this weekend.  Can’t wait to tell you all what I think about that one!

Have a happy, hectic, handmade day!

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