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We don’t need to spend so much money!

on September 1, 2012

So as I have been expanding my crafting skills its gotten me thinking.  I was so scared before to make any clothing, but now I see that it was no big deal.  So that got the gears turning even more.  I mean, heck, Handmade Home is in the title of this blog, but am I really living in a handmade home?  No, I’m not.  But I could be.  And we could be saving so much money!  The Halloween tunics – yeah, I figured it up – only cost $3.72 each.  The cheapest Halloween shirt I saw at the store last night was $5.  So that is a little over a dollar saved.  Not a lot individually, but if you add up all that over a year of clothing two little ones that could be some serious cash!  Then the toys!  Oh the toys!  They cost so much!  When a lot of toys, especially stuffed animals, I can make myself.  Most of those end up costing under $1 when you figure up the amount of yarn used vs the price of the yarn.  So while, yes, I will still buy my baby girls Little People and DUPLO (both of which are adored by both girls already!) I can be saving so much money by making a lot of their toys and clothing, along with some of my beauty and household goods.  So, here it goes.  This blog has spawned a grand adventure!  Can I really transform this house into a Handmade Home!

I hope that you will come along on this crazy ride.  I hope my family will as well!  So here I go!  Of to have a happy, hectic, handmade life!


One response to “We don’t need to spend so much money!

  1. Nicky says:

    I believe you can. Not just by making things but also by doing. Re-purposing items, re-finishing items, becoming creative about how you utilise space and items you have already contributes to you having a handmade home.

    Best to you on this crazy ride!!! I’m sure it’s going to be awesome!!!!

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