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Weekend Wrap Up and This Week I Am…

Since we actually did something besides sit around this weekend, I needed to post the weekend wrap up, but since I was too lazy to do it last night, its here with my Monday morning post!

Weekend Wrap Up

Friday was one of those crazy hectic days.  I was not sure how it was all going to get done.  I left work early to take my step daughter to her doctors appointment for her vaccine.  Not a fun birthday present when you are 11 but it had to be done for the start of the school year.  After that we had to hit Walmart for the weekly grocery shopping and to get all the supplies for school.  They had the supplies spread out over three areas, so that ate up a lot of time that we just didnt’ have that day!  We finally loaded up on all the necessary goodies, minus the inevitable out of stock items and headed off to rush to the house.  I pulled in the drive, left the car running and rushed to get cold things put in the freezer and fridge and then off we went for birthday dinner.  We met my husband at Applebees and had a nice dinner, along with the wait staff singing to her.  That was followed up by a trip to Old Navy for a new outfit, shoes and a back pack for the first day of school.  Once we got home and got the babies settled and tucked in to bed, mom was tuckered out!  I retreated to my room for some nice quiet cross stitch time and watched some neglected tv shows on the DVR.  Whew, what a day!

Saturday was the party.  We got up early and got the house cleaned (immediately followed by it being messed again by the little ones, I am pretty sure when my husband came home he was convinced I had done nothing).  The party turned out nice, although it rained, so the kids could not go in the pool.  The kids played and the adults visited a bit before it was time for gifts and cake.  We surprised her with a card, inside it let her know that she was getting horseback riding lessons (which she has asked for since the age of 5).  She was so excited and happy that she got teary eyed.  It was SO great to see  her so happy!!!  Once everyone left, she and her friend that slept over spent the rest of the evening swimming (the rain finally stopped) and playing board games in her room before finally at 10:30 settling in with a movie to go to sleep.

Yesterday was a recooperation day.  Got the house cleaned back up (again, by the time my husband came home, he must have thought I did nothing).  Spent my day playing with babies and relaxing.  I got to watch Sense and Sensibility on tv.  That is one of my all time favorites so I was a bit excited to see that it was on, and at nap time too!  What a bonus!  Last night I did more cross stitch, then was getting settled in to sleep and looking through DVR for soemthing and got sucked in by the Doctor.  Oh, Doctor Who, you cause me to stay up much too late!  I watched a special, The Timey-Wimey of Doctor Who, and of course could not go to sleep until it was over.  I love those kinds of specials.  I had to make myself go to bed when it was over, or I would have been up all night watching the other episodes of Doctor Who on the DVR.

Today school started so our house will get back into a routine now.  That may allow me a bit more creative time since everyone will have a bed time, mom will get more time.  One can hope, right???

This Week I Am…

Reading: Fablehaven, Vol. 2 (yeah, I didn’t get finished last week, my crafting is eating into my reading time)

Listening To:  Country

Crocheting: Project Bag, Shape Game

Crafting: Cross Stitch Birth Anouncement

I know the list is shorter than normal, but I am really focusing on getting my Project Bag done this week so I can carry my other projects around with me.  I want it to be finished by the end of the week.

I hope everyone else had a great weekend and have a happy, hectic, handmade day!

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Uncharted Territory

Well, I recently embarked on a new adventure in crochet.  At least, for me.  I made my first wearables.

You might remember my stash from Hobby Lobby included these gems

My mom found the Candycorn colorway on clearance and bought 2 skeins thinking I could make something with them for Halloween.  Well, I searched the net and finally found a pattern, which of course required another skein of the Candycorn and one of orange.  I worked nice and slow on the project, making sure all my stitch counts and measurements were correct, and produced these, my Candycorn Tunics

I am so thrilled with them!  The pattern I used was a freebee from Bernat and it was so simple and relaxing to hook.  I can’t wait until the fall so my girls can wear these cute little tops with some leggings, but for now you all will have to settle for this sneak peak

I snapped a couple of pictures when I tried them on for size.  Don’t the girls look absolutely adorable!   They will certainly be the hit of any fall activity we attend!

Until next time, have a happy, hectic, handmade day!


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This Week I Am…

Hello!  I am back and feeling much more centered and ready to get my craft on!  My break last week enabled me to get some perspctive on my crafting habit.  I can make all the things, but I don’t have to make them all today!

So, without further wasting of time, here’s what I am working on this week:

Reading: Fablehaven, Vol. 2 (will probably actually finish this week)

Baking: Rice Crispy Treats (these were such a big hit, I am making them again)

Listening To:  Adult Alternative/Soft Rock Radio

Crocheting: Halloween Tunics, Project Bag

Crafting:  Cross Stitch Birth Anouncement

Sewing: Pillowcase dress made from two bandanas.  (Yes, I think I am finally going to pull out that super scary sewing machine)

Special Events: SD’s birthday party this Saturday.

I will be back tomorrow with some pictures and updates!

Have a happy, hectic, handmade day!

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